National Business Network Association was established on 19.03.2004 as a non-profit legal entity for private benefit acting under the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act.

Organs of the Association:

Bodies of the Association are the General Assembly and the Managing Board.

1.    General Assembly

The highest organ of the Association is the General Assembly. All the members of the Association participate in it, represented by a legal representative or by a person in writing authorized by them. The decisions of the General Assembly are taken by the majority of the members present at the meeting, unless the law provides otherwise. The Association holds at least one General Assembly yearly.

2.    Managing Board

Operational activities of the Association between the sessions of the General Assembly is organized and managed by the Managing Board.

The Managing Board has the following powers and responsibilities:

  • to organize the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and report the activities of the Association to it;
  • to elect and dismiss the members  of the Association;
  • to develop and put forward the annual report for the activity of the Association in the General assembly;
  • to take decisions for the amount of the membership fee or of the property fees;
  • to take decisions on all matters, which according to the Law do not belong to the rights of other bodies;

Members of the Managing Board:

  • Desislava Ivanova –  Chairman of the Managing Board
  • Veselina Stoyanova
  • Margarita Manova
  • Izabela Trifonova
  • Valentin Veselinov


1000 Sofia, BULGARIA
8 Positano Str

Contacts Us

tel.: +359 24 23 23 91