Main Activities

  • Providing our member-companies with preferential goods and services at special prices
  • Creating conditions for the realization of new business contacts and building partner relationships
  • Exchange of information
  • Partnerships for the implementation of projects under EU programs
  • Joint participation in other projects and initiatives
  • Arranging and conducting seminars, workshops and presentations
  • Activities of mutual interest, approved by the governing bodies observing the principles of independence, autonomy and mutual benefit

The advantages to be a part of NBM:

  • Joining the network of companies for the exchange of information and business contacts
  • You are able to create partnership and cooperation at international level
  • Receiving weekly e-newsletter that includes useful business information

Joining the network of companies for the exchange of information and business contacts, and that allows you:

  • Advertise your business and products among NBM members and partners
  • Your company can present on the site of NBM and send information and offers tо other member companies
  • Free expert advice on funding opportunities for European and national programs
  • Participation in organized workshops and events for members of the NBM to create opportunities for cooperation, joint initiatives and contacts
  • Your e-mail address to be included in the mailing list of NBM and you will be informed about all our initiatives and events

International cooperation and partnership:

  • We can give you a real assistance to find suitable foreign partners
  • In conditions of competition every new partner is crucial
  • The establishment and implementation of international business contacts are an opportunity for a new direction and idea - the basis for successful realization

Receiving weekly e-newsletter which includes information about:

  • business events organized in the country and abroad
  • international exhibitions, fairs and business forums
  • conferences, workshops and seminars
  • calls for project proposals
  • and all kinds of useful information concerning the activities of the companies


1000 Sofia, BULGARIA
8 Positano Str

Contacts Us

tel.: +359 24 23 23 91