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The National Business Network was established in 2004 as a legal entity for private benefit. It is designed according to the principles and scope of action of the European Charter for Small Enterprises. According to the assessment of the European Charter only close relationships with local authorities, and the participation of companies in networks which employ best practices, will allow SMEs to succeed in the new economic conditions.

NBN is designed to assist in the development of small and medium businesses, and to provide information to member companies and support and encourage cooperation between them. NBN has member companies from all over the country in all sectors. One of our main goals is to provide preferential goods and services for our members. For this purpose we actively seek contacts with reputable suppliers of quality services which may be useful in the activities of our member companies.

In this regard and as an expression of the mutual interests and intentions for improving and developing the social dialogue, the signed cooperation agreements are aimed at:

  • Exchange of information
  • Partnerships for the implementation of projects under EU programs
  • Joint participation in other projects and initiatives
  • Arranging and conducting seminars, workshops, presentations and research
  • Activities of mutual interest, approved by the governing bodies in accordance with the principles of independence, autonomy and mutual benefit.

Seeking partnership between organizations has increased, although some of them have still not included it in their policy.

One of the main problems of cooperation in the new environment is the challenge of choosing between competition and partnership. The problems in the cooperation between organizations can be explained as lack of experience or competition; past negative experience or a lack of interest and lack of appropriate organizations in the vicinity. In our opinion, the direct exchange of knowledge and experience between the partners can create new ideas about what needs to be done for our successful development and the effectively implementation our initiatives. Teamwork and partnership relations allow sharing of experience as well as access and exchange of information for the promotion and application of best practices for the professional enrichment of both sides.

Each member company in The NBN receives monthly services at preferential prices.


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email: office@nbn-bg.com
tel.: +359 24 23 23 91